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The founding members led by Mrs. Joyce Harris-Wright, thought it necessary to unselfishly address the need for volunteerism and support for the advancement of educational opportunities. This concept has been maintained by succeeding presidents and members.

In 2004, the requirements for 501(c)(3), non-profit status were met and the association opened its membership to all interested individuals who identified with the mission and philosophy. JNAF welcomes members from all disciplines. This diversity in membership has resulted in “opening new doors” and fostering professional development on many levels directly related to individual membership involvement in the welfare and advancement of the organization.

JNAF has been recognized over the years by various entities for involvement in local, national, and global levels of education and community service. JNAF collaborates with other organizations including The International Nurses Association of America, Inc., Indian Nurses Association of Florida, Haitian American Nurses Association, National Association of Hispanic Nurses, Black Nurses Association, Philippine Nurses Association of South Florida, American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society, Jamaica Diaspora Foundation, Jamaica USA Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations who are committed to service excellence, compassionate need for others and cultural diversity awareness.

JNAF collaborates with other organizations in the community to promote health and wellness through education and community health fairs. JNAF provides continuing educational seminars for health care providers and health promotion education seminars for the community members. JNAF members have participated and donated, but not limited to the following:

Barbara Gordon Leukemia Walk
Sickle Cell Foundation-Dade Chapter Walk-A-Thon
Walk a Mile with a Child
• Health Mission Sponsorship
• Diabetes Foundation/ Walk-A-Thon/Rhythms of Africa
• Food for the Poor Educational Seminars


The Jamaica Nurses’ Association of Florida, Inc. constantly strives to abide by certain principles and guidelines

The Jamaica Nurses’ Association of Florida, Inc. is dedicated to assisting individuals or socially deprived persons and/or organizations in need of care in the community or elsewhere in the United States and throughout the world.

We believe in human dignity for all people, observe the rights of clients entrusted to our care and promote professional excellence in nursing.

  • Assist non-profit organizations and/or individuals by donating cash and/or supplies to areas of need and also provide manpower and help if needed.
  • Encourage members to continue skill and educational development, through informal meetings, workshops, seminars, and lectures. These improved skills will in turn benefit the community the organization serves and enable the effective execution of the organization’s mission.
  • Render assistance to student(s) by awarding scholarship(s) annually, in amounts approved by the Board of Directors.
  •  Increase the awareness and significance of health promotion activities in illness promotion activities in illness prevention by sponsoring and or participating in health fairs and health teaching.
  • Engage in all other lawful activities that will assist in achieving the charitable purposes and mission of the organization.

We are committed to serving communities both locally and internationally…serving the underserved.

We are…

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Business Professionals
  • Homemakers
  • Promoters of personal and career development
  • A Networking referral source
  • An Advocacy group that addresses issues both locally and globally


"Together We Achieve"