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How we listen

Seeking feedback from people served makes programs more responsive and effective. Here’s how this organization is listening.

  • Who are the people we serve with our mission?

    JNAF serve the community both locally and internationally in many of the following ways: The underserved in the community needing to access healthcare and health and wellness education People affected by natural and environmental disaster- hurricane, earthquake, Covid 19 pandemic, homelessness illness, poverty, domestic violence and human trafficking issues. Education scholarship Music therapy session to build mental health resilience

  • How we collect feedback from the community we serve?

    Surveys, emails, chat lines.

  • How we utilize the feedback from the community?

    To identify and improve our community service experiences. To initiate the development of new programs/projects. To become more inclusive and equitable across demographic groups, To strengthen relationships with the people we serve. To understand people’s needs and how we can help them achieve their goals,

  • What significant change resulted from feedback?

    Pivoting our community outreach meetings, webinar and events to online; to continue meeting needs in spite of the challenges met with the covid-19 pandemic.

  • With whom the organization shares feedback?

    The people we serve, Our board, Our board and members, Donors and community partners

  • How has asking for feedback from the people you serve changed your relationship?

    It affords us to respect their honest feedback which help to guide us in re-evaluating and adopt new and innovative and beneficial ways meet their needs.